Handling of documents for importation into Russia. For our customers, we take over all conceivable customs formalities, such as declarations and complete customs process for importation to the Russian Federation. We will provide all the necessary documents for processing customs formalities. For a smooth importation of goods to Russia, we provide the following services:

  • Handling of customs declarations
  • Storage of deliveries/goods in a customs warehouse
  • Obtaining permits for customs and opinions of customs laboratories
  • Obtaining Certificates of Conformity (ROSTEST)
  • Information and advice to customers on all issues of customs formalities

For our customers, we will provide a complete package of accompanying documents/papers:

  • Copies of customs documents
  • Accounts
  • A supply contract
  • Required certifications

All goods can be imported to the Russian Federation within a time calculated in advance.

Collection service

Collection and delivery of goods, modern means of transport - it all saves transport costs, it is also quick and uncomplicated. Separate transportation of smaller quantity of goods is not worth it, therefore, we concentrate/collect goods in our warehouses. We take o er and continuously control your goods transported to the Russian Federation for you. Regular departures from Prague. After receiving a shipping order, the process of handling of export formalities begins immediately, thereby preventing not exactly small delay. At the same time, the importation to the Russian Federation is being prepared. Deliveries Door-to-Door are possible for small quantities of goods as well..

All-truck transport

We provide a simple solution to transport your goods to the Russian Federation. We cooperate with larger companies and the transported goods are always insured for the corresponding value. Large supplies and large quantities of dispatched goods by one or more trucks will be carried out according to you wishes with customs clearance in the Czech Republic as well as in the Russian Federation. It is possible to check the status of the supplying/dispatching at any time for the sake of optimal and complete control of the completeness of the whole delivery of goods. Exportation to the Russian Federation takes place at least twice a week. Transport time to Moscow is 8-10 days depending on waiting times at border crossings. Transportation of cargo to Russia is possible using TIR Carnets or under the customs dispatch note. Our company uses the TIR system that is tried, tested and smooth.